How to expand Midi Loops

Hi all,

Is there a way to expand the amount of Midi Loops in Cubase 8 ?
I’m especially interested in percussion loops (african, Cuban, Brazilian).
Although I am in the audio recording business more than 20 years, I am newbie to MIDI things, so any help would be appreciated.

Well you can easily find midi files you can add to Cubase but it will be up to you to assign them to an instrument and you may want to edit them to suit the instruments you choose.

For example…Here’s 59,000 Latin percuession loops for $25…sale ends Midnight apparently!!

thank you Grim for the reply and for the link too!
if I understand your answer, I can open third-party Midi loops in Cubase, but I’ll have to configure them. This means that these loops will not be integrated into the media bay, right?
this can be an insane work. :slight_smile:

thanks again

You can have midi files / midi loops / in mediabay…

Here are two that I like. I use BFD3 but they can be mapped for a large number of other virtual drum programs.

This one works with Native Instruments Battery 3/4

I will check the links!
If I buy one of these librarys will the midi loops be categorized in the midia bay? Or do I need to do this one by one?
Thanks a lot

MGil, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but when you want to tag a lot of loops in Media Bay, you can shift-select a group of them and tag then all at the same time
I have some groove monkey loops and they appear in my ezdrummer2 browser.

Thanks Philskeys for the tip!
Will these groove monkey loops be mapped correctly? I mean, will maracas sound like maracas and bongos like bongos? Or do I need to configure things?
Sorry if it sounds like a too simple question, but I’m absolutely newbie in the Midi world. :frowning:

Good question. Each library of loops is mapped out for particular plugins, and/or mapped for the General Midi standard. It really depends on what you use for percussion sounds. I think the midi loops in Cubase are using general midi (GM).
When you shop for loops, the product page always states what format the loops will play on.
In your case, you want to make sure that you have the right latin percussion maps for the library you buy.