How To Expand Plugins

How on earth do you open plugins now in Cubase 9? The box is so small and fiddly and I only seem to be able to turn them off. Where has the “e” gone that you used to click to expand plugins in the mixer or insert part of the channel? I’m really finding it hard to get around Cubase 9 after such a big jump from v5.

Agreed, a lot has changed since v5 but usually for the better. It takes a little getting used to but once you have it’s no big deal. You can widen the tracks in the mixer for easier access to fx plugins/sends and you can still easily open instrument plugins from track inspector or from the Instrument rack (right zone).

I’m only guessing, but considering the age of C5, an increased percentage of Cubase users are using key commands. Something used so often, such as opening and closing a VST when the channel is focused, makes sense for a every-day user. If you believe it is too small, as said above, you can increase the channel width/height size.

Thanks but I can’t even seem to open them from the track inspector. Clicked every button I can see. And that’s someone who’s used Cubase for 27 years! :blush:

Can you see the Inserts tab in the Track inspector? If not, right click on the channel name panel in the inspector or one of the tabs you can see and select “Inserts”.

Open the Inserts tab by clicking and then you should see picture as below with an “e” to click on…
insert editing.PNG
And hi from another 27(+) years user!

Great, got it now thanks. I swear the “e” wasn’t there before that’s why I was so puzzled. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it working…it’s a big jump with many changes from the old version but I think you’ll mainly like it once you’re more used to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nic, yes I can see the benefits and potential of it. It’s a very powerful system now and just about everything I could ever need.

So I just released the issue I was having actually relates to the Sends in the mixer. I’m trying to open a plugin on one of the FX Sends but there is no “e” that I can see. The options are: Activate/Deactive, Pre/Post Fade, Select Destination. I tried increasing the channel width but it made no difference there is still no “e” to open the FX plugin on the send slot. Tried double clicking, right clicking. Can’t see how to open it from the mixer. In order to open a plugin already on a send I have to leave the mixer, go to the track inspector of the FX track, click that “e” and then click the “e” of the send plugin in inserts. So inefficient and very user unfriendly unless I’m missing something? Please can we have an “e” in the actual mix console send slot and the send slot of the channel? There is enough space for it.

Right clicking on the relevant effect within the mixer’s send panel should bring up a dialog that allows you to Edit the effect. It’s not as quick as a nice “e” button but it should be there. You’re not the first to note how inconvenient this is… !