How to explode lanes to different tracks?

I’ve recorded various takes on one track. I did not use the loop function so I have (for example):

phrase 1 take 1…phrase 2 take 1…phrase 3 take 1
phrase 1 take 2 …phrase 2 take 2 …phrase 3 take 2
phrase 1 take 3…phrase 2 take 3…phrase 3 take 3…
phrase 1 take 4…phrase 3 take 4
… phrase 3 take 5

Where I have different lengths of phrases/takes as I punched them in manually. How can I explode to this:

Track 1: phrase 1 take 1…phrase 2 take 1…phrase 3 take 1
Track 2: phrase 1 take 2…phrase 2 take 2…phrase 3 take 2
Track 3: phrase 1 take 3…phrase 2 take 3…phrase 3 take 3
Track 4: phrase 1 take 4…phrase 3 take 4
Track 5:…phrase 3 take 5

The ultimate goal is to export the tracks for editing in pro tools. I found an old link that explained how to do this if you used cycle record here:

But since I didn’t create “regions and evens” I don’t know of a quick way to do this.

Anyone . . . anyone . . . Beuller?

what you could do is… make a mono audio track and highlight it… go to audio pool and select the tracks that you want to have on seperate tracks and right click and choose insert at origin. it will ask you for one track or multiple… choose multiple and boom done

Sorry for hijacking this thread,

how can I convert 5 tracks into one track with 5 lanes?

any suggestions?

If you put those 5 tracks into a folder it will act similar to a single track with Multiple lanes.
In fact the editing part should be easier. you can solo or mute tracks like you can lanes.
If you give the same output to all tracks you don’t even have to move the audio afterwards,
just treat the folder track as if it were a standard (mono_Stereo_etc) track in your mix.


Thanks for the ideas :smiley:


No, it wont. Lanes do not allow to play multiple takes at once. That’s the hole point of Lanes mode.

Why don’t you just mark all the audio event on a track and than drag them to the destination track you want them to be. You should than have multiple lanes on that track.