How to Export all single Tracks as single .wav files?

Hei there

How can I export all mx Tracks of Song as each a unique .wav file? I cannot belive this is not possible in Cubase 6 ARTIST, but it seems so. I serached in the manual and in google but only found this Software a non free software to do this job.

thx guys

One by one.

yes but this would take very long… no other way?

When you export, you export ALL. The only tracks you don’t get are the tracks that are muted. At least that’s how it was for me with SX 1 and SX 3

Maybe you mean batch export?

Which is not available in the Artist version.

Click solo on the track you want when you export to get that particular single wave file. I prefer this over batch export.


yeah, this must be the final answer. I was looking for some kind of batch. Wich seems not to be inside the artist version. So I got to export them manually, as people told me. Thanks anyway and have a good weekend