How to export/bounce(?) just the delay effect?


I’m working on a song currently. Standard set up, bass, drums, guitars, vocals.
Track is very heavily based on repeated pattern from bass and drums (those instruments are basically playing the same phrase over and over). The idea is to transition to another one which is more ambient-ish.
What I want to do is to have the transition as 1/4 note delay of just the bass and drums but I want just the delay effect and not the actual drums and bass. It can’t fade away and has to last longer than normal delay would last.
Is there any way to bounce just the delay effect so I can use it later?

I’m on Cubase Pro 10,5 and have only stock delays that come with Pro version.


Simply export the delay Fx channel only.

Set the delay up on a send, 100% wet. Then you can do what you like with it.

Thanks Gents. :slight_smile: