How to export/import AAF from GV Edius?

I use Edius 8.53 Workgroup and can not import most video in AAF.

I tried to export DNxHD in MXF for Video, but it is not supported by Nuendo. The same for HQ or HQX in a MOV container or in an AVI.

Does anyone have a workflow how to get the Video into Nuendo 10.2?

You need to buy an extra Dnx license in the webshop.
Small price.


I have bought the DNxHD license for Nuendo 10.2 yesterday. It only seems to support avi. Edius WG outputs mxf container for DNxHD. May be, that I can output MPEG2 video with AAF, but AAF is supposed to only change, what has to be changed. In Nuendo that is audio. Video should stay as it is. And it is Grassvalley HQ or Grassvalley HQX in a MOV-container to be able to change cliporder again later without loss of quality.

H.264 in mp4 container could be output with normal Edius output, but not in an AAF output.

I think Edius and Nuendo is a bad combination. Resolve and Nuendo is supposed to work better.

It is my understanding that the container for DNx is .mov.
Work with these all of the time.

What am I missing?


Now I have found how to output AVC/H.264, but Nuendo only imports the audio. Video is an empty track and the audio-files must be searched/reconnected. If I import video with „import/video“ menu it works.

It‘s on a NAS not with a device-letter like x:
My path is \NASNAME\directory\filename

I checked an import of AAF in Edius and it works. Seems, that AAF-import in Nuendo has problems with NAS and UNC.

To the mov I have to check. There are several output-formats hidden in an extra dialog named „Details“ in Edius.
I think, that I have to choose „copy and shrink“, that it reencodes with the wanted fileformat. Perhaps the „copy only“ option does not reencode.

Here is a video, that shows the Import problem with a MP4.

I don’t think video embedded in AAF ever worked. I don’t think any application has ever tried to make this work.
Depending on which application made the AAF, it works half-baken (like in your example) to perfect.
So it really depends on the NLE.
From the top of my head; Mediacomposer & Resolve are pretty much OK. Premiere/ProLogic are problematic to the highest level.


Yeah, I haven’t received an AAF with a video track in it that worked on import for at least a couple of years. All editors export audio and video separately and I import them separately. This includes going from Media Composer to Pro Tools.