How to export layers from within Nuendo editor

I have an audiofile which I have Unmixed (Multiple voices)
Now I want to create new tracks from the different layers.
The manual states that I need to perform : “File>Export Audio of xxxx”
However there is no “File” menu in the Lower zone of Nuendo.
And there is no “Export Audio of xxx” function to be found in the Nuendo File Menu.

How do I do this?


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In plugin mode, SpectraLayers is designed to do back and forth with the host DAW, without using the file system.
If you want to export the unmixed layers back to Nuendo, just drag and drop them back to Nuendo. See for instance here at 6:51:

I don’t think this is mentioned in the online manual though.
Or am I mistaking?


Indeed this isn’t mentioned in the manual, only covered by videos. Documentation will be updated with this info.


Fredo, just drag the SL ‘mixer channel’ straight on to your Nuendo timeline. You get a popup asking wether you want to copy the file into your project, etc. It works great. Time-aligned perfectly.

I’m still figuring it out, but that worked for me last night.

Had to do a quick master on a track for a friend which had to much sibilance on the vocal. Unmixed with only vocal selected, followed the above and de-essed the vocal. Combined the tracks using a group and mastered.

Life changing…

Yup, works fine here.
Thank you all!


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