How to export midi tracks into independent audio tracks?

Hi all, currently I’m working on a project using both midi, instrument and audio tracks.

How am I able to export all these tracks into independent Audio track for mixing and mastering?

To make my question more clear , I only have problem in exporting midi tracks.

I have 4 midi tracks which loaded in the same VST instruments bay. For instance , Halion Sonic SE ,midi channel 1-4.

In the export audio mixdown , I can only select ‘Halion Sonic SE Main’ , but How am I going to export them into 4 different audio tracks?

Thanks !


You have to activate more outputs in Halion Sonic SE and route the midi tracks to them.

And also , I have no idea why is it useless adjusting volume fader of midi tracks in mixer, I can only adjust in ‘VST instrument edit’.

I understood that I need more knowledge dealing with midi, any recommendation of website in learning midi are welcome !

How am I going to perform that ? I cant find any output options in Halion Sonic SE.

You first have to activate them in the instrument panel (F11)…I think in this case the manual or youtube is your best bet as it’s not a one answer.

You can assign your MIDI tracks to any VSTi, not only Halion Sonic SE. And if you have more than 4 MIDI channels of HS2SE, I strongly suggest you use another instance of the same VSTi (or a different one), or else you’ll quickly run out of polyphony (don’t know what the limit per instance is, but I’m guessing 128 or so.)

Hi all, this is a topic Im also struggeling with. I use Cubase together with Native Instruments Maschine. I hope anyone out there can be kind and help me with the following problem:

I create a beat in Maschine(drums and various added noises). I work in Maschine because it is perfect ofr my musicstyle and has a great sampler and so on. I say this because I dont want this topic to be focused on why I dont do it in Cubase:) Anyway, I then export my beat from Maschine to Cubase. I do this by creating a VST Instrument in Cubase and have one associated midi-track for each instrument, which means the kicks will have one midi-track, the snares will have another, hat another and so on… My problem is that I cant add effects (reverbs, distortion etc) to these midi tracks. If I try to create audio of these midi-tracks(export audio mixdown), then I can only choose the VST Instrument as a whole, and not the midi-tracks individually.

Do I need one instance(VST Instrument) of Maschine for each instrument? It seems very strange in doing so… That will be many instances since I would like to be able to put independent effects on many of those instruments(kick,snare,hats,toms,perc,etc).

Would very much appreciate some help on this since its preventing me from getting forward.