How to export multichannel montage to multichannel interleaved file?

As a WL user of many years, I couldn’t be more thrilled that full multichannel file support has at last come to WL Pro 11. I’m afraid I’m having a great deal of trouble getting it set up. Could someone be kind enough to offer step-by-step instructions?

Currently I have a montage that consists of two stereo tracks, which I hope to export as a single 4-channel (dual stereo? surround?) interleaved .wav file.

I tried setting up the montage as a 5.1 surround sound file, and then rendering it as a “multi stereo” .wav, but this still only outputs a 2-channel file.

Also, since my system is not set up for surround monitoring, I do need to use the “mix to stereo” tool to hear all the audio at once.

Thanks so much in advance for any help. I’m really at a loss here, even after reading the manual.

You must set a 4 channel output to your montage:

And choose this in the render dialog:

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Thank you so much, PG! That’s really helpful.