How to export multiple tracks w/fx, but different length


I friend of mine has cubase, I run nuendo. Case:

62 tracks of spoken word, each track of different length. How do I export those with included effects to new files with their different length (from the track).

This means; no setting of L/R and exports…
In nuendo I would have done it with markertrack.
Now in logic, you just choose Export All tracks as audiofiles, and out comes the files with effects and different lengths.

What do I tell him ? I don’t want him to switch to Logic because of this…

Cubase 7 for mac this is!!


Can’t with 7 until MEAP is ported for it.

What is MEAP ?

Sorry, I goggled it, and sorry to see that it is not possible in cubase, now that this is so easy in logic. Bummer