How to: Export - name include title of cycle marker

I believe it is pretty common to record a let’s say concert with many songs in a row. You then create cycle markers and name them with the name of the songs. Why not use these cycle-marker names in the export menu where you already can choose how to name the exported file?


Do you mean in the Export Audio Mixdown window? There’s already an option there to export cycle markers as different files in one go.

  • Ensure the marker track in your project with the cycle markers is active (the tickmark button on the marker track should be lit up)
  • In Export Audio Mixdown window, enable ‘Export Cycle Marker(s)’ and then enable the cycle markers below it that you want to export
  • If you want the name of the cycle marker included in their respective exported file, make sure to set up a naming scheme to allow this. In the Export Audio Mixdown window, click the ‘Naming Scheme…’ button, and you can add the CycleMarkerNm (name) and/or the Cycle Marker ID (ID number) to your file name.

(Since this is more of a question than a feature request, I’ll move the thread to Cubase General.)