How to export only send effect with automated on/off?

Hello guys, firstly I´m sorry if I miss something simple and obvious.
What I´m doing is this:
I have a vocal track. I need to apply a delay on it, but only here and there, for a last word of a phrase typically. In other words, the delay should be off for most of the duration, but for a few specific moments, it should turn on, and after a few seconds to turn off as well.
How I´m doing it:
I have an FX track, delay is on its insert effect section. On the vocal track, this is routed as a send effect.
In the delay plugin (waves h-reverb), I have the dry/wet control on 100% wet . I turn this on/off during the track by automating bypass switching on/off. Up to this point all is good. But:
I need to export just the wet signal, with no dry signal present in the exported audio file. When I export only the fx track, it exports always the dry signal too: for the parts, when the delay is bypassed, there is dry vocal, and when the bypass is deactivated/delay is activated, I get my desired wet signal. But how do I get rid of the dry signal coming to the export?
I realise, that as the dry/wet control is bypassed like this too, it makes sense that it doesn´t apply, however, I cannot figure out anythig else that would make a difference - tried to route vocal track to a different group than the fx track, trying to automate different parameters in the delay, like the delay output knob… nothing helps. Tried on Cubase 10.5 and 12. Any advise please?

Automate the send

You can set the send to pre-fader and then turn the volume of the track containing the dry material to silence.
Do this just for the export, then restore the previous settings.

Zip and Johny_Moneto - guys, tried both your advises and both work like charm! Thank you very very much, feel silly now, but foremostly happy and grateful. Appreciated!

No need to feel silly, to get these kind of answers is what the forum is for.
Feel free to remove the “issue” tag from your thread and mark zip’s answer as the solution.

Hey guys,

the pre fader trick is almost perfect for me. But if I have a volume automation on ,let’s say the vocals, and now everything is turned off then the reverb FX will behave differently.

Let’s assume the vocal is quieter in the verse (I realized that with automation and mixed the reverb with post fader. )Everything sounds perfect to me.
When I switch to prefader everything I worked on is gone in regards to the FX.

Is there any solution to this problem?
Have a great day!

  1. Create a dummy output bus (dummy = not connected)
  2. Create a Send on your Effect track to that dummy output bus
  3. Export, but instead of Stereo Out you chose to export the dummy output bus

Add on: If you use Cubase Pro or Nuendo you can substitute the Send with Direct Routing (Summing Mode On).

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Thank you very much Johnny. That helped a lot already.

There is one more flaw for my taste. Maybe I have to rethink my routing while mixing to counter this problem

Let’s say I have the main vocal routed to a vocal all bus with let’s say a double. And I’ve pushed this bus a db in the chorus.
My reverb is feed postfader by the main vocal and routed back to the vocal all bus.

Is there an option to even print this 1db push to my reverb fx?

Thanks for taking your time.

Well, in that case you wouldn’t be printing the actual signal from the Effect track but some misch-masch. This you’ll have to figure out in your own routing setup. I am not sure it can be done, though.

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Simplest is to just copy paste the volume automation from the “all bus” to your “just the for send output bus”. The export should be post-fader off of that bus so your +1dB should be reflected in your export.

If you have effects on the “vocals all bus” though then instead of that you can right-click the bus and duplicate it. Set the output of the duplicated bus to the new “Just for send output bus”. Change the post-fader send on your FX track with the reverb to that new duplicated bus.

Your reverb now goes to the regular “vocal all bus” to blend with the mix as usual, and then you have a copy of the reverb going to the duplicated bus that has the same levels and plugins as the “vocal all” (which now has only the reverb I think).

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