How to Export Stems with Outboard Processing?

Ive been on Nuendo for 20yrs and somehow am encountering this for the first time tonight.

Ive printed stems after tracking sessions and/or editing, but never after mixing. I can print stereo mixdowns with the processing in real-time export, but it doesn’t seem to work in Multi

It let me set up the export, real time export selected, then I begin… Meters moving but no audio heard and, more importantly, no meters moving on the gear.

Do I really have to continue real-time exports one at a time?
There has to be a faster way.

It appears to be working afterall, which makes more sense because I was thinking “If this doesn’t work, then how the hell have I been printing all this time? Have I really been printing external processing 1 at a time thus far?” I thought my brain was broken. Maybe it is, but the needles are moving this time so I think its working