How to export stems with quadra track phantom side chain ( sidechain )

Hey guys , when i have a lot of tracks to export stems for the mixer , that’s really ennoying to export one by one because of the sidechain :confused:
do you have a method to do this ?
here is my sidechain method :
i create phantom side chain via a quadra group track , then i just use a compressor , usually the pro -c from fabfilter .

i can of course export the other files with no side chain fast .

i found this video , but man that’s a pain in the a** !!

And this is with what software again?

cubase 10.5 of course ! i posted in that category .

You posted in the Cubase Pro 10 | Cubase artist 10 | Cubase Elements 10 | category. The reason why they got different names and version numbers is because they got a different feature set, which has an influence on the possibilities and therefore the answer given… of course :unamused:

I dont understand your question … cubase is a software .