How to export WAV and MP3 files at the same time in Cubase 11 Pro?

Do you know if it is possible to export WAV and MP3 files at the same time (like other DAWs) in Cubase 11 Pro? please let me know, this will make me save a lot of time.

Thanks for your help people!

Well you can’t really do them at the same time since they are different. But you can use the Export Queue to have Cubase export multiple files.

yesp, This works pretty well, thank you my friend!!

What if i want to export 24 bit 48khz WAV without dither and MP3 16 bit 44khz with dither? Does the queue allow it?

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It’s possible. On the pic above you’ll notice a greyed out Effects menu just above the Queue section. IF you switch the Channel Selection from Single to Multiple (which can still be used for just single output) it becomes active and lets you specify which plugins to use while exporting. The options are not all that granular so you might want to create some additional busses to facilitate processing only specific plugs.

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