How to 'extract mapping information from VST 3'?

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I have come across this help article which says, ‘You can EXTRACT mapping information from VST 3 instruments.’
I tried loading different VSTis (Sample Tank 4, HALion Sonic 3) and patches that have KS, but no maps appear under the ‘Expression Map Setup’ menu. How does ‘extraction’ work?

If I have to open some Cubase instrument preset and completely rewrite it - because neither KS nor articulations of the loaded VSTi match the ones of the preset - this is NOT extraction! This is BS! :face_with_monocle:

Win 10/64-bit; Cubase 11 Pro

(Extracting Expression Maps from VST Instruments)

Looks like there’s some missing info in the manual. :grimacing:

In the Inspector>Expression Map click the drop menu item “Import Key Switches”

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Steve, thanks! But this works for HALion only; this menu item is NOT available for any other VSTi…

Yes, it’s only available if the plug-in developer uses the future