How To Extract Notes From MIDI File

Okay, I did a dumb thing and I’m looking for an easy way to fix it.

I exported a drum track from Jamstix into a Cubase track. I’m using a different drum module to trigger the MIDI track. Problem is, all the parts (kick, snare, toms, etc) are in the one track and I’d like to extract them so that I can put each drum in its own track.

Because of the length of the song and number of drums in the track (probably at least 20 including the percussion) trying to do this by hand (highlighting each key, C2, D2, E2, etc) is like working with tweezers and prone to many errors.

Is there an easy way for me to extract the individual parts from the track and export them to a single track for each drum part?


Aloha W,

1-Select the track,
2-In the Menu Bar Go to:
MIDI/‘Dissolve Part’,
3-then in the d/log box chose: ‘Separate Pitches’.

Good Luck!