how to filter midi channels on editor?

I don’t want to dissolve parts ang go back and forth from one track to another. Is there any way on midi 0 files to show only notes from one specific midi channel on editor??



No, there is no way, how to hide specific MIDI messages in the Key Editor.

But you can colorise MIDI Notes based on the MIDI Channel. So every channel would have its own colour.

Yes but is almost impossible to edit unfortunately.


Even if you enable Edit Current Track only in the Key Editor?

there are all midi channels on one track. I don’t know how to do that.


Sorry, my therminology was wrong: enable Edit Active Part Only, please.

I think the problem for the OP is that all of the MIDI notes on different channels are all in one single MIDI Part - so there may be several notes on the same pitch that are all the stacked on each other each with a different MIDI Channel number. This makes it impossible to select a “hidden” note.

The OP should go ahead and dissolve the Part by Channels onto different Tracks - you won’t have to jump back and forth as much as you think if you follow Martin’s suggestion. FYI, you edit MIDI Parts not Tracks - a subtle but important difference.

After you dissolve the initial Part you’ll have a bunch of Tracks, one for each Channel & each Track will have MIDI Part(s) on it. Select all these Parts and open in the Key Ed. Set it so the Note color is based on MIDI Channel. Then enable Edit Active Part Only. Now if the part with Ch 2 Notes is active, those will be the only notes you can edit. To change the Active Part you can select a new one from the drop-down menu. Or you can also change the Active Part by selecting one single Note in any inactive Part. This second method is often the quickest to use.