How to filter Pitch bend and after touch controllers on Layer/s?

im trying the VST live trail (mainly as a sound generator for live gigs and less the other features right now )
in layer menu there is the “layer controller map” which i can assign and mainly for me to make a controller “on” or “off” for layers which is great. but i cant see how can i make on/off for pitch bend and after touch, is there a way in Vst Live ? as i remember those controllers (PB+AT) are not a regular CC controllers

You are correct, this is still on our list. We will add the missing MIDI commands to the Layer map asap.

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Got it, thanks :+1:

Just thinking out loud…
Aftertouch as well as Polypressure are related to pressed notes, so it doesn’t appear to make much sense to send those ahead (except for reset, which happens anyway).
That leaves us with Pitchbend. While this is also reset on Part change, it might make sense to be able to offset it, for instance to slightly detune a Layer vs. another (possibly with the same Instrument, for a chorus effect), or initial tuning for a quick change via pitchbend wheel.
Also, Bank Select LSB/MSB are redundant with the Layer Controller Map (controllers #0 and #64), so we might replace those Layer items with a Pitchbend one. Let us know what you think.

well im not a midi expert, but as a keyboard player i would like to have in a part for example layer with pad sound for the left hand, and layer with lead synth sound for the right hand.
now for the left zone pad i want to have the sustain pedal on, and pitch bend controller off, and the opposite for the right zone (synth lead sound)
so i can play a chord on the left zone pad sound,sustain it with the damper pedal,and make a solo on the right zone and using the pitch bend,but without the pitch bend apply to the left zone.
that’s the basic, if it’s done via regular CC list or other “outside” parameter im not sure . but i need this on VST Live in some way to be practical as a keyboard player.
as far as reset parameter , prefer them to be reseted when changing Parts (or make an option on preferences for it ?)
thanks for “thinking” out loud

You can do all that with Zones and the controller maps, except for pitch bend so we need to add that.

They are.

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It would be so great to have something similar to Cubase’s Logical Editor to filter and/or modify any MIDI event !