How to find a specific sound (world or noise) and where it is located in an audiofile

I am looking for a function to help “search” for a specific sound in an audio file. I am using Wavelab Pro 11.

Example: I have used the word “Denmark” 100 times in an audio file. Assume this was a mistake, and I want to find where these 100 times are located in the audio file - and then “paste” the right word (eventually a “search-replace function”. Anyone, who can help me?

You would probably need a speech-to-text function or some other kind of voice recognition for this to find/ mark the exact position and length of a word automatically, but as far as I know Wavelab doesn’t have such a thing, nor the function to automatically replace a specific part of audio as per your request (maybe with a separate VST plugin, but I would not know of any).
And another approach to just look for a specific pattern in the waveform or in the spectrogram might prove difficult, as the pattern will most likely differ from word to word (or sound to sound) because of different pronunciation/ emphasis/ sound source position/ recording environment - but Wavelab does not have a function for that anyway, as far as I’m aware.

Seems to me your only option in Wavelab is to do the whole “find and replace” manually. For that I would recommend to work in a montage, so you can easily split your recorded clips at the needed points, remove the unwanted parts, insert the new sound, adjust alignment of the clips and maybe do some short crossfades at transitions.
A bit tedious work, depending on the length, but it may lead to a more accurate result.

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I think RX10 offers something like this:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Put all the files into descript, you’ll be able to do a blanket search of the word, change them all in there, bounce them back out to Wavelab

Or you can put it through pozitron (a proofing service) for it to give you the markers in your WL file assuming you have a correctly formatted script

RX10 will take an age to generate the text you need unfortunately, but I expect that will get much much faster in later versions