How to find Cubase version & project Hertz & bitrate?

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Over the years I made several .cpr files with different versions of Cubase (currently I use version 5 on a pc). In those projects I used different combinations of kHz and bit-rate qualities as well. Stupidly enough I didn’t have them ordered in seperate folders, and with a remark about the recording quality/ samplerate I used. Now if I open such a .cpr file, I often get a message that the samplerate could not be set (this of course depends on the settings that are preset on my Focusrite pre-amp (nowadays always 48kHz/24bit, but in the past could be various).
Now I wonder: Is there ANY way one can search inside a .cpr file (for instance by opening the .cpr file in Windows Notepad-file) to find out in what Cubase version the .cpr file was made, and in what quality the recording was made? Or perhaps there is another way to find out? Now often when I open such an old file I find out that, because of the wrong samplerates, the recorded voices are at a different speed/height.
Pretty annoying …

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Mario Walzberg

Just open the project and select Project menu->Project Setup to see the project settings.

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Hi Helge,

Even though a little bit late ( 4 years actually): Thanks for your reply! I can certainly use your solution concerning the sample/bit-rate.
One question you didn’t answer though: How can I see in what version of Cubase a project was made? That’s a major issue for me still, because of the sometimes changing availability of some plugins/VST-i’s in the different Cubase versions (I have all versions of Cubase as of version 5 installed on my pc, all with their own original plugins/VST-instruments). Now I sometimes have to open 2 or 3 versions of Cubase before I can find out which Cubase-version contains certain VST’s.

Thanks again in advance!
This time I’ll answer you more swiftly…

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