How to find midi modules in HALion 4?

I am looking for the CC mapper , but how to get this in HALion 4 ?
In general it seems to be a hassle to fins a midi module ?

Nah, it’s really easy once you know it.
You have to add it in the program tree which
makes sense because you might want that a midi module
only affects one layer (for example when you insert a megatrig
to play the samples of a guitar noise layer only when there’s a note off
message the rest of the layers will still be triggered with note on messages).
So right-click on a layer in the program tree, choose add > midi module.
As soon as it’s added you’ll see it in the midi modules page.

When you want to affect all layers with a midi module,
you have to place it on top of all layers.

Best regards.

Thanks …it starts all in the program tree seems