How to find missing Cubase default content

Hi, I installed Cubase 11 and I think all the default content with the Download Manager.

I’m trying to load the new “Venus Theory” cubase 11 demo song and it’s still telling me there are media files missing. Is there a way to know which content library these are from? Is there a list somewhere of what names these long strings of digits and letters map to what name?

vstsound:\DDBC96A1E0EA469CB5AD3E0384C24ABB\Audio Files\Vox Fx_269*Th1.wav
vstsound:\F6ADB7BBD7C04F50A3968D24D46320F\Audio Files\05 - Vocals.wav


Install all Cubase 11 libraries, please.

I think I’ve already done that. How can I track down which cubase 11 library I’m missing? Does anyone know what these IDs map to?