How to find out info of each note

Hello, everyone

In cakewalk, long time ago (I used Cakewalk 9.0, 20 years ago)

if I click the right mouse button on one note on the score,
there pops up a dialog box showing several options
Among those options, there is a “info menu” of that note

So if I choose that “info menu”,
there shows a new dialog box showing information of that note
note pitch, note start position, note duration, note velocity etc

Somethimes, I need this kind of function in Dorico Pro

For example, in Cakewalk 9.0, I could set the duration freely
if 120 is 4th, 60 is 8th, I could set that duration of that note as 107, for example

So, my questions are

  1. Is there in Dorico Pro, a submenu showing information (pitch, start point, duration, velocity etc) of that note which I pick using mouse ?
  2. Can I set the duration of each note freely (for example duration shorter than 4th, larger than 8th) ??

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No, there isn’t that type of submenu available. You can certainly set a fine-grained value for duration, using the “End offset” property in the bottom panel. There are 480 units to a quarter note, I believe.

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Dear Dan:

Thank you for your comment
I understand now
So have a nice day and see you again, Dan
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At least pitch is shown in the bottom left when selecting a note.

Dear Klaf
Thank you for your help
Oh, I need to see the status bar below
Have a nice day and see you again, Klaf