how to find out plugin latency?


Is there a way to find out how much latency each plugin is causing, or which plugins get turned off when Constrain Delay Compensation is activated?

Plugin manager shows latency in the lower info window when you select a plug from the list and you can adjust the lowest latency that will be turned off by constrain delay compensation in preferences.

Any disabled plugs will be greyed out in the rack, but if you have already disabled plugs there would be no easy way to work out which are done specifically by constrain delay compensation

Thank you very much.

Can you defeat this function for a specific plugin so that it’s excluded from being ‘constrained’?
e.g. I want to constrain delay compensation for all my other plugins except one which I’ve selected for experimentation?

Why wouldn’t you just up the threshold so all plugs with the same latency or less stay active?

The latency will be the same as if you excluded just the one plug.

I never paid much attention to VST latency. Where can I have more information about it, and when too much plugins in chain can harm your mix?

It’s nothing to do with harming the mix…it affects monitoring of live instrument playing…so playing vst instruments with a midi keyboard…or playing guitar through a software amp sim.

I’ve got a huge CPU hog of a plugin that I thought more instances of it being active adds to latency, isn’t that the case? The less instances the less the CPU hit?

I can always manually turn off the other plugins I guess

No CPU use does not increase latency. It does make it harder to operate your interface at lower latencies but this has no connection to constrain delay compensation.