How to find the cause of 'analyzer' type VSTs showing laggy/glitching EQ movement..?

What could cause such lag and glitches…?
I have never felt such GUI lag but I am experiencing now with new EQ analyzer plugin (Softube EQ MP).

My all other analyzer VSTs + stock Cubase EQ + Meters, everything is smooth.

I run cubase pro 11 on mac mojave osx with its latest update. I am sure even though my Graphics card is default model, it would not cause Analyzer to lag…

My monitor is FHD 1980 x 1200.

I simply never had any issue with real-time movement capable plugins (stock + 3rd party).

May I get some tips to find the cause…?

Though this plugin seems (by default) not to provide the maximum smooth-ness as fabfilter’s analyzer movement but on my system, it freezes every 7~8 secs.

I just cannot get my head around, to figure out the main cause…
*all Softube plugins run with OpenGL (not sure what this does… but with previous plugins including console 1 display, I had no issue with glitching)

Would it be on Cubase side…?


In this case, if only one plug-in is affected, I would get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Yeah… I am again, appreciating Fabfilter and Cubase stock plugins for being so smooth.
Hopefully it is not a big problem…
Because I bought the upgrade just to get this EQ… haha…