how to find the download link in my steinberg account

hi - please help
i purchased today an upgrade from cubase 7.5 to 10 pro .
i recived an email with an activation code but i could not see the download in my steinberg acount.
it says you can register a software only with already activated code but the problem is that i do not want to use the download at the moment but only in time which i choose (maybe in a year).
i was told in the forum it is possible to download it whenever i want.
so how do i register the upgarde in my steinberg account?
i already have there my elicenser key registered and the cubase 7.5.

by the way the steinberg shop is different from the steinberg account so it makes sings even harder.

please help :frowning:

All programs are available through the Steinberg Download Assistant.

but i do not want to download I just want to move it to my steinberg account for future download and activization

You have to activate a license in order to register it to your SB account. If you want to hold on to your license so you can activate later, keep it in a safe place, it does not expire.

The downloads are now available to everyone via the assistant, which was not the case back when 7.5 came out.

Steve thanks a lot! now I get it! :slight_smile:


by the way, can you tell me if I intend to purchase a new computer, for this reason,
would I need to deactivate first the 7.5 from the old computer and download it again to the new computer and then download Cubase 1o?
how will Cubase allow me to install the update? i hope it is ok to ask it here

No deactivations or reactivations are needed. Using the USB key, you just plug it in to the computer you want to work on.

The installation of the software is independent of the license key.

you are great thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Licences on a USB eLicenser are available on whatever computer the eLicenser is plugged in to - you do not need to activate and deactivate each computer.

You can have multiple versions of Cubase on a computer. If your existing computer meets the requirements for Cubase 10, you can leave Cubase 7.5 installed and run Cubase 10 as well. If your computer meets the requirements for a later version of Cubase (Pro) than 7.5 but not Cubase Pro 10, you can install that version of Cubase and use it with your Cubase 10 licence until you upgrade your computer.

If you activate your upgrade now, your Cubase 7.5 licence will be replaced with a Cubase Pro 10 licence, though this should work with all versions of Cubase (Pro) - Cubase licences are supposed to work with older and/or lower versions of Cubase, though you might need to update eLicenser Control Center and run its maintenance procedure on the machine with the older version of Cubase, also there might be problems with very old versions of Cubase (others know far more than I do about the intricacies of eLicenser).

As you point out, there is no link between Steinberg online store accounts (run by Asknet) and My Steinberg. New licences only appear in My Steinberg when you activate them on an eLicenser and that eLicenser is registered to your My Steinberg account.

The only reason to delay activating your upgrade is if you want to wait until the grace period for Cubase 10.5 starts (or, to be even more certain, Cubase 10.5 is released). If you do this, you should get a free upgrade to Cubase 10.5. If you delay activation, make very sure you have bought and received the correct upgrade and keep the activation code safe - it will be almost impossible to sort out in several months time once the sale has ended.

As -steve- has said, the current Steinberg system is that you simply download Steinberg Download Assistant, which allows you to download Cubase Pro 10 with no need to enter an activation code or even to have a licence. The download is, of course, of no use unless you have a trial or full licence for Cubase.

thanks i will wait for the 10.5 ( i heard that they have this grace even for the 11 version do you know something about it?)
The question is where is the download link will be
I only got an email from them with the activation code- WILL this suffice?

Some have suggested they’re going to sit on upgrades they bought in the current sale for more than one future paid upgrade cycle. I think this might turn out to be pointless - I have a feeling that the most you will get if you delay activation of a Cubase 10 licence is one grace period upgrade which will be to Cubase 10.5 if Steinberg continue with the system of paid .5 upgrades. I simply don’t know either way what will happen, not least because Steinberg might change their policy.

Unless Steinberg change the system again, you will download Cubase 10.5 (or whatever the next version is) using Steinberg Download Assistant - you don’t need to obtain a download link. As Steinberg Download Assistant is a relatively recent innovation, I think it likely Steinberg will stick with it.

thanks a lot, David
it is very kind of you
and Steve to help like that (flower emoji from me * 10) :slight_smile:

The grace period policy is extremely simple. If you have an activation code, when you use it it will download a license for the latest version.

and if I will not use it and won’t activate it but only later on, after the grace period have already ended,
it will download only the Cubase 10 pro version? Did I understand correctly?

because my problem is that I think my computer does not meet the requirements - it has low Ram for example
and I do not know when I will purchase my next computer