How to fit a portion of a sample into my beat?

I often import large samples into Cubase. I then want to pick 4 bars, isolate them and place them onto a track in musical mode. To get the musical mode to work nicely with the part, I have to specify how many bars are contained in my sample. I cannot do this with the original sample since it contains maybe 100 bars and I seem to be unable to let Cubase know that the event loop has 4 bars and fit that with musical mode.

I usually do the following: I specify a four bar event region in the sample editor and bounce the event, therefore getting a new part with exported audio in place. I can then edit the sample and define that it has 4 bars and now it can be used with musical mode.

However, this is a lot of work and I was hoping someone knew a better way to get this done.

Don’t know of a much better way. At some point you have to tell your daw what you want from it. It can’t know by itself :wink:

I was hoping it is possible to quickly adapt the 4 bar range and have Cubase work the musical mode with the new length. I also thought it would take the start event into account when I specify the length.

I believe my problem essentially stems from the fact that I use the 64 bit version which is buggy. You cannot define the grid (you can define the first downbeat but not the length of the first bar). The April 9 patch is supposed to fix that. It is probably (hopefully) much easier to define the grid than to cut and paste full bars.