How to Fix a HALion Sonic SE no sound issue in FL Studio

-SCROLL to step 1 if you don’t want to read how I set it up and troubleshooted the issues I ran into-

I saw many people having issues after installing not being able to get sound from their HALion Sonic VST. After 30 mins of install, I just wanted to uninstall. Well the entire reason i even installed was to use the Lofi-piano. Anyway here is the fix.
***FYI After Install, and adding the folder “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE” in the Plugin manager, clicking refresh list fast scan. Now in my FL studio, I noticed it has two different VST’s named HALion Sonic SE. I dragged each one into a channel and found the one that worked and favorited it. One of them would not allow me to add midi to the piano roll and have it play.

side note If you are using a MIDI controller, ensure its set up in the standalone in the Gear menu we opened in step 2. That is found in the MIDI input port drop down in the MIDI tab, and select “All” channel filter.

  1. Open the HAL Sonic SE standalone plugin
  2. Left Click the Gear on the toolbar at the top between “out” and “Tempo”
  3. Click ASIO Driver tab on the toolbar and select the program sound driver your DAW is using. I am using FL Sudio as my DAW and my FL studio was using the FL Studio ASIO. So i chose the FL Studio ASIO in the drop down.
  4. Click the Outputs Tab on the toolbar and select “Out 1” for the Main-L and “Out 2” for the Main-R. Repeat this for all the outs below.
  5. Now you hit OK on the bottom right
  6. Close the Stand Alone. Add the VST if you haven’t yet to your DAW. In the Initial paragraph I explained where I found mine and how I did it. And Refresh the VST list within your DAW.
  7. Drag or Double Click the VST inside your DAW and now you may begin choosing sounds and adding them in the main interface of the Halion Sonic SE VST you opened by clicking the Load Tab and selecting your choice of sound. Then double clicking with your left mouse button on the sound, or dragging them with your left mouse button to the numbered channel in the interface on the LEFT. Your First one should go to #1.
  8. If you followed all the steps, your MIDI controller should now work on the program, and the Piano Roll will function properly with the chosen sound on the Channel rack for that track.

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile: