How to Fix Audio exported pitched down?


I have recorded and exported audio files at my friends’ Cubase 11 artist
I did the mistake of not carefully checking her settings not sure what was the sample rate
the bit depth was 32 float. Anyway, the Audio exported (Wave) got pitched down by 1 tone, probably due to shifting ASIO devices between the Yamaha p-125 digital piano’s audio interface and the Presonus. Since she’s away for a while and I’m not sure the project has everything saved neatly.

My question: I can obviously do the process>pitch shift> apply on the audio track
will this “distort” or lose major qualities compared to the original? obviously if I have no choice I’ll do that anyway, I am just wondering if this is the best way to fix it
EDIT: it seems that it’s not really tuned perfectly so even when I try to “fine tune” the singing audio using pitch shift it doesn’t fit with the Piano MIDI and I definitely can hear some wierdness caused by the pitch correction proccess. Damn, I guess I should look for another solution

Thanks :slight_smile:

Set your project to her sample rate.

it doesn’t work… i tried, the wave file itself even when played outside of Cubase is pitched down for some reason. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. When I drag the audio it tells me to automatically convert 48>44 and 32 float>24… I tried not doing anything automatically and set my project settings and audio interface to 48k/32 to no avail I still get the exported audio which is pitched down