How to fix master channel in MixConsole window

Recently I moved to N12 from N5.5. Lot’s of UI are changed.
Is there any way to keep showing up master (stereo) channel in mixconsole window as like old version?
-Like as show/hide right zone
During the mixing and mastering , I keep touch master fader but in N12, I have to to move right end to touch master fader and go back to other tracks. This is really annoying to me.

You can place any track in one of the three zones. Does that not work for you?

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Do I understand you correctly that you want the Master to have a fixed position? (So that it always remains visible even with many tracks?)
Then you can, as @MattiasNYC writes, specify in the mixer console on the left side under Visibility/Zones that a channel (also the master fader) is placed in the left or right zone.


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Thanks Mattias and MAS. That is exactly what I want.
Even I check online N12 manual, there was no keyword and articles.