How to fix missing user Project Templates in Cubase 9.5

If you’re on PC and you’ve upgraded form Cubase 9 to Cubase 9.5 and find your User Project Templates are missing, here’s how to import them into C 9.5

Go to: This PC/C Drive/Users/Your Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 9_64/Project Templates - and copy the contents of that folder into the Cubase 9.5_64 Project Template folder which should be just above it in the same location.

This had me thinking for a while and it’s usually taken care of in the installation, but not this time it appears.

Unless of course I’m the only one who had this issue :slight_smile:

Excellent! I had the same problem and this solved it. I’m using Windows 7 Pro, and the AppData folder was not listed where you say because it was “hidden” from view. To un-hide it, go to control panel>folder options, click on the view tab, and select “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” Then your instructions worked fine.

Mine migrated fine. Steinberg really should get a handle on why stuff like this occurs for some folks & not others.

Same problem here when upgrading 10 -> 10.5

I copied

%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\Project Templates


%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64\Project Templates

to get them back. Same with the /Presets folder. Also, my instrument groups were gone, recreated them.

If I wasn’t such an upgrade junkie I would avoid upgrading, at least the .5 versions. Not much in there for me anyway, plus some minor new bugs (when I add an instrument, some other applications will pop to the front for example).