How to fix my elicenser or transfer the license to a new one


All of a sudden my elicenser stopped working, the elicenser center said it was broken, so I bought a new one to transfer my license, today when I connected both to my computer to get it transfer, the bad elicenser says now it’s empty!?

I registered on mysteinberg, so how can I transfer to my new elicenser?

I tried the horrible Yamaha support in Japan , they told me as my Cubase is in english, they can’t help, they just have support for the Japanese one, even I live here and I bought my Cubase 6 Retail from the music shop in Tokyo.

I can’t seem to find a way to do this? I use Cubase every day and with this problem has been a week without it.

Thanks for your help

If your eLicenser is really broken already, you can´t transfer your license anymore, since it´s uuuhm - broken. You´ll probably have to send it to Steinberg, for them to give you a new license code. In any case you should contact them personally. There is a knowledge base article on the Steinberg site, about broken / lost dongles and what to do…
Have you tried to update to the latest eLicenser software already, just in case it´s not the dongle, but the software…?

Hi, I did of course all that, update the software and the only reason why I tried to transfer the broken usb license to the new one, it’s because that’s what the support guy told me to do. I read the topic about broken elicenses, but as it says to contact Technical Support,I did contact them but I won’t get any support from Yamaha because they told me they do not support software in English in Japan.

So who should I talk to get support on this matter?

I´m also only a user, just like you, so I can also only guess - I´d try a support request via your “mysteinberg”-account

Thanks Thinkcap, I did that too, but as I am registered in Japan, it directs me to the Yamaha Support which is useless, I am just hoping someone from Steinberg will contact me in this regard, I wrote to Chris, hopefully he will reply me.

That is scary, I have so much on Elicenser. I would starve w/o it, it is shame that Steinberg treats its loyal customers badly. I suggest you contact support in US and don’t mention that you are in Japan. Let us know what happens PLEASE

Well it seems that support in Steinberg anywhere it really sucks, after trying with the Japanese one, I called the english support, the person told me to address directly Steinberg support in Germany through email, so I did that … in this case the new support person exchange a couple of emails with me with the obvious process to recover my license, perform maintenance task on the latest eLCC, which of course I did before even trying to contact support the 1st time, then I should connect through a computer without firewall, no router, no antivirus, etc… Ok, I did that too, I use 3 macs, a mac pro in my studio, an imac at home and a macbook pro all of them same thing, ok maybe I thought, the macs should be the problem, I took both licensers to my office try in 3 different computers with 2 different internet connections (this time all running windows 7) same thing… same problem, no connection to the steinberg server to retrieve the license through the eLCC. Now I know what is the problem since day one, the old Dongle is broken or bad and is avoiding the communication to the server, why? because I tried with the new Dongle and all communications goes ok!, I keep saying this but support but they still make me trying to get my license on the normal way which since a week of phone calls and emails it is certainly not working, so why?? why it has to be so damn difficult to get a new license?? if I have registered in mysteinberg, it should be easy to send a new activation code? erase the old one ?? I am sorry but is been 2 weeks since I can’t use Cubase 6 and I have a lot of pending work to finish and I was going to use the past holidays to finish some recording but I waste all my time trying to solve this.

I need some help here, if anyone from this forum has dealt with this issue before, I really can’t understand why Steinberg Support can’t help and treat me like this, I will copy and paste my e-mails exchange with the tech support guy or robot whoever it is :

My 1st email :

I have been a loyal steinberg customer since 3 years ago.

On February this year I bought the retail version of Cubase 6 and registered without any problem, 2 weeks ago, the elicenser stopped working, whenever I start Cubase will prompt me the activation window, I thought it was the software update, so I updated the elicenser software update, nothing. It used to say on the window of the eLCC that the USB elicenser was broken, so I bought a new one and I call my tech support here in Japan to get my new activation code or to transfer the license to the new one, but Yamaha here in Japan says they DON’T SUPPORT ENGLISH CUBASE even I bought it through the retail shop in Tokyo.

Yesterday when I connected both elicensers (old) and new one, I realize that the old one doesn’t say it is broken anymore, but it doesn’t hold any license also!, I do have register my license in

I attached a screenshot of the eLCC where it shows my both elicenser and the one it used to hold the license of my Cubase 6.

I also tried with the old activation code, but it says it is already used.

I have tried already 2 weeks, 1 with Yamaha support in Japan which is useless for me, the forum and now I called the support line in english, they told me I should write to this address, please help me as I am 2 weeks behind my work.


PS I have 3 Mac Computers, in my studio a Mac Pro, my macbook pro and an Imac, I tried it in all of them and nothing.

their reply :

Dear Mr
I suggest to you to download and install latest eLicenser Control Center version which available at link below

Afterwards you ought to follow the Maintenance procedure

my 2nd e-mail :


I have done that countless of times and every time is the same :

After giving me 3 errors of

Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error:

Materializing failed.

The ‘Online Synchronization & Maintenance’ procedure finished. Some problems occurred. Details are listed below.

Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database)
Step 2: OK (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)
Step 3: OK (Validating License Usage Periods)
Step 4: FAILED (Cleaning up eLicenser Memory)
Step 5: OK (Recovering License Transactions)
Step 6: FAILED (Sending eLicenser Information)

I have downloaded the latest eLicenser Control Center as well

Version: for Mac

Their reply :

Dear Mr
You should retry the eLicenser Control Center Maintenance procedure after you will have disabled the firewall, the antivirus and if it is possible through an internet connection without router.

My 3rd e-mail :

Dear Mr

I did what you asked me without any result, I connect my computer direct to the internet no router, no firewall and no antivirus, nothing happen same thing.

I took both e-licensers and try it at my office with 2 different computers (using windows in this case) everything the same except that point No 1 Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database) now is ok, but still
step 4 and step 6 remains the same.

I took out the old elicenser and repeat the same process and in this case all the steps goes ok, so it means the problem is in the old licenser that is creating a problem with the communication with the server, must be damage or something.

is not an easy way to solve this? how come is possible that to repair a license is difficult?

it says on the support page that to easily recover a license you need to register it on mysteinberg, I do have it register and still I have been almost 3 weeks with this problem and I can’t get any solution!

Please help me on this matter


their reply :

Dear Mr
Before you ought download and install latest eLicenser Control Center version which is available at link below

Best Regards

now on my 4th email :

Ok, now I think you are some kind of robot or automated reply software, I already told you I got the latest software for the eLCC, please check my previous emails!

and their reply :

Dear Mr
I am sorry but from your latest screen shot appeared the eLicenser Control Center version before the last. I would receive the ‘Online Synchronization & Maintenance’ final panel screen shot by you.
You did not tell me that you are working on Mac Operating System. Please which Operating System do you work on?
For creating a screen shot you ought to key apple (command)+shift+3 in.

there I go with my 5th e-mail :

From my 1st e-mail to you :

PS I have 3 Mac Computers, in my studio a Mac Pro, my macbook pro and an Imac, I tried it in all of them and nothing.

From my 2nd email to you :

I have downloaded the latest eLicenser Control Center as well

Version: for Mac

So there you have I already told you 2 times I am using mac, I am running on Mac OSX 10.6.8

Here I am attaching 3 screenshots

I attached the screenshots where the eLCC is showing that is unable to get my license.

and here is their reply :

Dear Mr
Which kind of internet connection do you have? Could you connect any of your Mac at the internet router by cable (perhaps you have wi-fi connections) and repeating the Maintenance procedure please?

and oh well… my last e-mail this morning :


at my home my connection is -internet --> router–> wifi

but I already tried directly to the internet and is the same, at my office we have the same style but as we are an IT company we also have direct connection to internet without any firewall or router, I tried that too and it’s the same

The internet is NOT the issue otherwise you will have not one but maybe many people asking you the same.

now I tried with the good dongle and all communication goes ok, so if my internet was the issue, then it will behave the same right?

please check the screenshots attached to see how the communication goes with your server with the good Dongle.

Screenshots show everything ok with the good Dongle.

If you took time to read all my post, tell me sincerely if I am doing something wrong? or is it always that difficult to get a new license or activation code? or is a process we all go through to make you tired and give up???

Finally yesterday after a week of mails and another week before with the Japanese support I got my new auth code from support to replace the bad dongle, I am not sure if this is some kind of screening process that every one who got a bad dongle has to go through but I still think is way too long.

Great to hear you are up and running!

I hope to god they have changed their support because my dongle is broken and i have a new one, i purchased cubase 9.5 jus before it broke, so my license is on the broken dongle, my zero downtime finished last night, now cubase wont load up with my new dongle, and there is no software of my cubase in ‘my steinberg’