How to fix startup issues in Mojave?

Hey all, I’ve been having an issue since I upgraded to Mojave where Cubase 10 makes my mac inoperable for a lot of it’s time starting up, and also takes a long time to open compared to High Sierra. Is this because of the new security measures in Mojave? OK, but other DAWs make it work just fine…I don’t I have the same issue with Reaper, Studio One, Reason, etc. Also when changing buffer size in Cubase it takes a long time, whereas on High Sierra (or currently with the other three programs I mentioned, on Mojave), it is/was almost instant.

I did the thing in Mac Security to allow control with Cubase & e-licenser, which worked when I did the same thing for all the other programs I mentioned. Is this a fault with Cubase 10 or is there something more I can do to make it open fast(er) like it should and also allow me to do other things while its starting up? Again: This issue does not happen in the other programs I mentioned.

Anyone know? I’ve spoken to other folks on Mac who have this issue, and others confirmed it before on here…it might just be something Steinberg needs to make work like the other DAWs.