How to fix the tempo after I've started a project ?

I have an issue regarding the tempo of a project:
I started working on a project by importing some audio files that I had recorded at a friend’s. The actual tempo of my project is 78, but I forgot to set the right tempo into cubase, so it still thinks that the actual tempo of my project is 108 (or whatever the default tempo was set to when I started the new project.)
I then carried on working on my project by adding some instrument tracks , still at 78, but with cubase still believing it was 108.
It was fine until I started working on the drum tracks. Now that I’m at this point, I could definitely use a grid to adjust my beats and make sure there’s nothing off tempo, but with cubase thinking my project is at 108, there’s obviously no way I can use any grid to build my drums map. I can’t use any grids, can’t use the click, can’t do anything actually.
Every time I try to set the tempo to 78, cubase simply slows everything down to what it thinks is 78.
So, my question is: is there any way I can change the tempo data of my project afterwards, so that the click and the grid can match the actual tempo of my project, without it affecting the speed of the project ?

Thanks for your help !

All your audio tracks have to be changed from “musical mode” to “linear mode”. That way, when you change the tempo, they should be unaffected. If your original tracks were recorded to a grid then you should have no problem lining them up. If they are free form, you may have to time stretch them or create hit points to grid them.

Thanks Suprawill1 !
What about the instrument tracks ?

Audio tracks don´t have “musical.” or “linear” mode (actually there is no such thing as “linear mode” at all, IIRC) - they can be switched between “musical” and “linear” timebase, which is a different thing than “musical mode”, which is for audio clips.
So all your tracks should be switched to linear timebase before changing tempo (to lock all clips to their time position in the grid) and all audio clips should have the correct tempo (definition) set (to not make them adjust to tempo chnages)

Just a note for consideration however…

From the Operation Manual: "Internally, events on musical time based tracks use the same high precision for positioning (64 bit floating point values) as linear time based events. However, switching between linear and musical time base results in a very small loss of precision (introduced by the mathematical operations used for scaling values in the two different formats). Therefore you should avoid switching repeatedly between the two modes."

Yeah, a little sloppy with my terminology but that’s the right direction. Just switch “mode” to “timebase”.
(yeah, what he said) :slight_smile:

Good point to note :bulb: