How to fix track size ? How to disable popups ?

Hey guys,

2 questions if you don’t mind.

Been using Cubase 8.5 for a while now and pretty much have it all sussed and changed to how I like to work.

There are 2 things that puzzle me still though !

  1. When adjust the size of a track to how I like it then click on another track, that new track goes big and track I wanted big goes small again. Very annoying. In cubase 5 the tracks I made larger in height on the arrange page stayed big and you had independent control over all track sizes.

So how do I make it so each track can be resized separately like Cubase 5… ?

2. I like to keep the Transport bar small in size and at the top of the screen. Trouble is when i mouse over anywhere near it at the top I get pop up windows. 3 little squares that need ticking asking me about 'beats/ bars etc etc its very annoying too. How do I disable those popups ?

Thanks for your time


  1. There is a preference setting for this. From memory it’s called ‘Zoom Tracks Exclusive’ I think.

  2. Do you mean the popup with ‘Status/Info/Overview Line’? If so, you can’t disable that but perhaps you’re talking about something different?


thanks for reply, I will have a look now and do a screenshot,

I’ll also try to find that preferences setting :wink:


I cant find the Preference called “Zoom Tracks Exclusive’” can you please navigate me to where I can find this setting to change it ?


Think it’s called Enlarge selected track.

This option should be also accessible from the project window Edit menu.