How to force a slashed figure in figured bass?

I would like to type a 6 with a slash through it.

You can change the appearance of figures in Engraving Options - a bit like chord symbols, you can specify the “contents” of figures in the popover, with their appearance being primarily determined by your default settings.

Many thanks, that did the trick!

I’m trying to write a 6/5 (6 with a slash) and I have no idea how to do it. Engraving Options does not help either. :slightly_frowning_face:

Assuming Dorico Pro this Engraving Option works fine…

Thanks for the reply.
In that way I have almost all 6s and 5s with slashes. I need only one 6.

Your use case is idiosyncratic.

Not my idiosyncrasy, but that of the score I’m trying to reproduce. :wink:
So, there is no way to write a 6 with slash manually?

There’s no easy way to override this for just a single figure, I’m afraid. You may need to resort to using a manual text item instead of real figured bass.

I see.

If your score has some altered 6s with a slash and others with an accidental, then yes I’d class that as idiosyncratic.

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Is there a way to do a 6 with slash in version 4.2?

It’s in Engraving Options > Figured Bass > Accidentals.
A bit further down there are also options for how strokes through 5 and 6 are drawn.

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