How to force change Rehearsal Marks?

Hi, I’m creating a jazz lead sheet and want to put in my own Rehearsal Marks, how do I change the defaults? I do not want it to just show A, B, C consecutively, rather I want to have “Intro”, A, B, “Bridge”, C, etc. Is this possible?

Not exactly, yet. You can add suffixes to them, which is what I do: A-V1, B-Chorus1, C-Bridge, etc. I do like this because it presents the marks in alphabetical order, which helps my orchestra players.

Or you can use boxed text.

Hmm, ok. Boxed text sounds like a tidier option. How does one do it?

If you have multiple staves, use system text. Alt-Shift-X, to display that text item in all part scores.

Then select the system text you’ve created and in the Properties panel in Write Mode (bottom of screen, or hit the upward disclosure triangle to first reveal) choose to enclose it in a box…

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Thanks guys!