How to force Cubase to restart recording when audio dropout detected?

I do video captations of live events and use cubase to record the sound. I had two times a problem where Cubase detected a dropout and stoped reccording in the middle of the show… It wasn’t too bad as I was reccording in parallel on the mixer itself, but is there a solution to force cubase to not stop, or at least restart automatically the recording ?

Solution no. 1

If Windows is your operating system, I believe you can use ReaGate (from ReaPlugs - free Reaper VST plugins), loopMIDI and Cubase’s Generic Remote. ReaGate can send a MIDI message when the input audio exceeds a certain level, which you can map to the Record command (in Generic Remote).

Gif - example of how it works in an older Cubase version


Solution no. 2

Instead of ReaGate, you could use a MIDI player (or a script) to send a MIDI message (that is mapped to the record command, in Generic Remote) once every 2 seconds to Cubase.

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