How to force Cubase to see Kontakt 5 as Kontakt 4 ?

Greetings all,

I’m trying to open old songs in Cubase. I’m using Kontakt 5 now but those songs where saved as project files in Cubase several years ago, when I was using Kontakt 4 (which is no more installed on my computer).

I would always get a message “can’t find Kontakt 4” when I load such a project. Is it possible to trick Cubase and make it see Kontakt 5 as Kontakt 4 to load my old sounds ?

By the way, I really don’t understand why Native Instruments doen’t upgrade their plugins with some retro-compatibility. That’s plain nonsense.

I don’t think it’s possible. I always save the instrument/multi in the Cubase project folder in case I have to manually load the Kontakt instrument/multi inside a new Kontakt version later on.

Yes indeed. Should have done that too… :-/

Fortunately, you can save the multis even with the Kontakt 4 unregistered demo. Those multis will open fine in Kontakt 5 or 6. Also, don’t forget to copy the mixer channel settings to the new created Kontakt 5 instances.

Still the easiest way is to have kontakt 4 installed. This works 100% even on win 10. Mac might be different. It is easy then to substitute k4 with k6 in an active project.
K4 takes little space an no recourses when not loaded (had the same issue)
In the future it might go better since it is now called kontakt instead of k6 k5 etc