How to force lyric extender line

I have a section of mixed timing for different verses and would like to force lines, like the line after “say” to help clarify the singing. Specifically after “you” in vv 2 & 3, and “hell” in v 4.


Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3.17.18 PM

Put the lyric in the correct voice and hit Space to extend it through the second note.

I tried that but I think the distance is too small.

I just found benwiggy’s work-around

which work-around are you mentioning?

My name is benwiggy and I endorse this statement. :grinning:

Just click on the down-stem note, enter the lyric, and press Space.


Sorry, I missed the follow-up question.
The problem was that the line wasn’t extending, I think because the space between words was below the threshold to trigger extending the line - even after confirming the correct voice was used. The work-around is to split the note into smaller notes. For example, split a half note into two quarters, then go back and edit the lyrics and hit the space bar through both notes and the line would then extend. Tie the two quarter notes back together and the extended line remains - voila.