How to Force Save

I can’t seem to make Cubasis 3 save my file. What am I missing? :open_mouth:

Hi anchoy,

Cubasis automatically saves your work.
To create a snapshot of a specific project state, please go to the MediaBay and create a project dublicate.


And how to force it not to save it automatically?
It is annoying when unchanged (only opened) projects appear as the most recent project!

Snapshots in Cubasis 3

I’m desperate to save multiple versions of a specific project.

When I ‘duplicate’ a project in the Media Bay it fails.

When I open a duplicated project an error message appears “[the duplicate project] could not be loaded, probably because it is damaged. It’s 1 [or sometimes more] audio files were copied to ‘audio’ folder for backup purposes.”

The ‘snapshot’ feature (little camera icon) I’ve seen in the forum and the manual I can’t find in the app anywhere.

I’ve tried closing the app and turning device on/off many times.

I’ve thoroughly searched this forum, the manual online and in the app, and I for the life of me ok cannot find a solution.

Cubasis 3.0.2 is otherwise flawless (I love it!).

Plz help!



Hi Riverbomb,

The ‘snapshot’ feature (little camera icon) I’ve seen in the forum and the manual I can’t find in the app anywhere.

Cubasis 2 used the term “snapshot”, which could be created via tapping a camera icon.

These are the regular steps to create a project duplicate with Cubasis 3:

  • Go to “Media/Projects”
  • Select the project you want to duplicate
  • Tap “Duplicate”
  • Optional steps: give the duplicate a new name and choose to open it

Please give these steps a try and let me know if it works.
If you still encounter problems, would it be possible for you to share the project with us (Dropbox link via private message)?


I’m new to Cubasis (and Steinberg) and I read through the manual so I can use all functions.

But it’s bit frustrating to discover that this manual is not up to date, I‘m on the “keys“ chapter and already found two features missing in CB3, the snapshot button in the projects folder and the chord buttons on top of the keyboard.

C‘mon Steinberg folks, you are not some tiny garage-company, it should be possible for you to update a manual too…

Besides, I like Cubasis3 a lot!!

Hi Glendathu,

Thank you for your message and bug report, which has been shared with the team.


Hello, thank you for the reply.

For whatever reason, the “duplicate” button started to work after a day or two of refusing not to. I’m not sure what I did to fix it, if I did anything to fix it, or why it started working. I was really glad that it did though!

This last month I fell in love Cubasis 3. It does so much, and it does so much more than all of its competition. Everything was going great and I was getting so much work done on it, until this morning when the crashed once, and then immediately again upon attempting to reopen it. I reset my device, turned it on/off repeatedly, closed all other apps, still the app kept crashing before it could even open.

Assuming my Cubasis files/projects were backed up in my iCloud (I checked to make sure), I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Honestly for about 30 minutes I did whatever I could to avoid doing this. And as soon as I deleted Cubasis from my device I had this horrible feeling I just lost all my work. I just knew I fucked up cause I was in a hurry. And when I reinstalled Cubasis my worst fears were reality, everything was gone. Sadly this was hundreds of hours of work. And I was so sure I was backing my projects up in iCloud! But it’s clear whatever I doing was wrong, because it’s all gone. To be fair I do still have most of my .mid files and audio files I shared to Cubasis - but everything I composed solely inside Cubasis - clips, stems, projects, arrangements - all the shit I needed today, is gone.

I am still unsure if losing all my data could’ve been avoided or not, the app was totally broken. I think I had no choice but to delete/ reinstall it. I couldn’t find any information anywhere online that led to a solution. And now, looking back, maybe this wasn’t the apps fault, part of me was being lazy… I was making assumptions I knew better not to make… Who knows, maybe it was a fluke. All I know is I was doing nothing complicated, editing a volume envelope on a waveform, no other apps running other than Cubasis, and the shit just imploded.

Maybe I am in too bad of a mood now to locate where my files went - this is possible, because I am in such a bad fucking mood right now I can’t see straight. But if Cubasis 3 can’t automatically save data in iCloud, or if there’s no way to avoid deleting all of my data from iCloud when deleting the app from my device, then this app is too big of a risk to use at all cause I literally can’t I afford shit like this happening. My income comes from making “music” for commercials, its too competitive and too much pressure, I work 20 hours at a day to make shit music to sell bullshit for asshole companies on their 30 & 60 second adverts on TV, what I’m saying is it sucks dick, not even an act of God is an excuse for missing deadlines. Clients change their mind every other hour, advertisers move on, I am unreliable regardless of nuclear fallout. Covid-19 is non-issue cause global pandemics are fodder for the industry, everyone needs a new ad campaign for the apocalypse! I apologise, emotions are running high

I totally understand the limitations of iOS devices, the processing power of the newest “pro” models (which I was using) pale in comparison to an entry level iMac, and i know these limitations are not the fault of 3rd party app developers. But I just don’t understand why the files I create in said 3rd party apps aren’t backed up automatically to the cloud, or why I based my life on the reliability of a $30 app from App Store lol

I’m sorry

Please help

Hi Glendathu,

Your issue mentioned above has been reviewed by the team.
To our knowledge, the current Cubasis 3 in-app help included in Cubasis 3 does not contain any information about the snapshot or chord buttons features.

Please let us know, where you have found this information.

Thanks again,

Hi Lars,

I found the manual on the Steinberg support page:

Oh now that you mention it, I can see that both manuals are different. In the KEYS section of the Ipad manual, the chord´buttons are not mentioned.

Perhaps the online manual on the website can be actualised ?

Hi Glendathu,

The online manual no longer appears on the current Cubasis website at
Since it is included in the app, it is currently no longer planned to be published online.