How to format a string quartet score

I might have asked this already, but I am struggling formatting a score for string quartet with 5 movements/flows. I do allow flows to start on the same page. I would like to have the four full instrument names been displayed at the beginning of the score, but not any more after that (I think, this is a standard for scores). I can not get rid of the instrument names (being displayed) at the beginning of the following flows. Is there a good workaround?

You can insert a system break at the start of each new flow: even though no system break is required, since of course each flow always starts at the beginning of a system anyway, you can then select the system break signpost and override the staff labels for that system using the Properties panel, i.e. specify that no staff labels should appear on that system.

:slight_smile: thank you Daniel, that was easy, works perfectly.