How to freeze a note?

Ok scenario:

I have this sound that sounds like a heartbeat beep from an ekg…

I want to freeze the note so its “flat-lining”

How can i do this?


  • a freeze note button would be nice;)

Weeeellllll … not so simple from what I can tell. When you attempt to freeze a note in Padshop there’s a little pulsation to the note … even at durations = 1. It seems the purer the waveform … such as a sine wave … the more likely you can hold a steady note. The more complex the waveform the more difficult I find it to be. I just play around with the number of grains, the duration, length, shape and the filters etc to get rid of anything I don’t wanna hear. OTOH … you can take advantage of movement of the note by using the speed setting … ya can get some kewl slowly evolving pad sounds.