How to generate MIDI notes from separate audio events?

What would be the easiest way to generate one MIDI note for each selected audio event?

I’m trying to convert these drums to simple MIDI notes to assemble a bass line from it:

It probably wouldn’t take very long to create/copy/draw new midi notes using the Edit-In-Place midi editor, with Snap set to events so you can easily line up the midi with the audio parts. Any good?


Yes, that’s what I did, but I wonder if there’s a faster method. I’m not so good with Sample Editor and Part Editor but I’m sure there is some kind of trick that could be used to do what I want.

Hmm, I don’t really use these functions myself, but I think you could render those audio events out to a single audio event (or bounce), then generate hit-points from that audio event, then create midi notes from the hit-points…


Yes, I tried that last night…not optimal, but works for now. Thanks Mike :slight_smile: