How to get 2 Flows with their titles on the same page

When I active “New flows” -> “Allow on existing page” in Page Setup, there’s only the title for the first flow shown. I couldn’t find any option to have titles for all of my flows and couldn’t build it manually in engrave mode because {@flowTitle@} always shows the title of the first flow.
Is this even possible yet? If it is how can I do that? Thanks :slight_smile:

The {@flowTitle@} token does indeed only work for the first flow on a page, at the moment. In due course we plan a more elaborate flow break feature that would be capable of automatically showing title, composer etc. information without requiring you to create new frames manually, but right now, you’ll probably need to create two separate music frames, one for each flow, and insert a text frame between them to get exactly the kind of layout you want.

Thanks mikiworld and Daniel.
I look forward to this feature being supported in due course.