How To Get 3rd Party VST In Media Bay

Is it possible to get third party VST Instrument patches, like Komplete 8, to show up in the Media Bay? Example, now I can search for “Strings” and it will find all the string patches which are in the built in Steinberg VSTIs like Padshop. If possible, I would like to also have my Komplete 8 patches show up as well so then all my instruments could be searched in this manner. Does anyone know if this can be done? I’ve searched the manual starting on page 393 but no luck.

Thanks for you help.

yes if you save the komplete (absynh/fm8/massive etc…) presets in vst3preset format ! if you want I have the komplete vst3 preset converted send me pm

I would really like to know how you converted them to VST3 format presets. Can it be done with other VSTi instruments (e.g., Omnisphere, Z3Ta, etc.)? I’m sure its time consuming, but it would be great to have them all in the media bay and would certainly be worth the time.

Unfortunately for most synths (Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Arturia, Fabfilter, etc…) you have to do each preset one by one… but believe me its totally worth it in the end!

Would this help?[product]=174


I am stuck with generating this vst3presets…
I opened up for example Massive I have from Komplete but the presets on the top of the Cubase window are all ‘’ and I can’t convert them because of duplicated name (what is not surprising due to name for all the presets…).
How do I convert my presets to use them in the media bay???

Any idea please? :frowning:


  1. This sucks :frowning: Yes it really does…- I would expect some more user friendly way…
  2. How?? - I wanted to convert but what to do with those "disabled’? - they are not representing any real preset in the vst synth and I really don’t know how to do it… :frowning:

Thanks but this doesn’t help much as I need a presets for a full Komplete 8 and where is much more presets than in time when the thred was posted :frowning:

Due to the above mentioned I find Media Bay completely useless. I have built my own “mediabay” first in excel then in File Maker. In File Maker I can set up any parameter I would like to use as search filter. CB Steinberg does not even come close when it comes to filtering and that is essential in large environments. Otherwise you just get a super long list that you have to scroll through. If you have Komplete I guess your environment is pretty big. So my advice is: Build your own in a separate database or use the computers filesystem where you name files and folders after your preferences.

Thats bad :frowning:
I was really looking forward using the media bay so I will finnaly get rid of browsing vst’s to find the right sound but this fact makes it quite castrated… :frowning:

There really should be a Batch convert utility (windows and mac !) to convert every type of vsti preset into .vst3 preset.

…moreover when VST is in fact a Steinberg’s stuff… :frowning:

Anything you can do with your excell file maker system you can do in Mediabay. Plus there’s things that Mediabay can do that your system can’t, like link playback of midi loops to the chord track so you can preview your midi loops by making them play the chords from your chord track.

I don’t understand what your problem is… are you complaining that its too much work to convert all your Komplete presets or do you still not understand how to convert them to Cubase’s vstpresets?

In fact both :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t know how to do it (what exactly needs to be done and what to do with those ‘disabled’)?
  2. I want to make music and not spend days with converting presets (there are thousands of presets in Komplete 8) so I can fully use them just because the implementation is not ideal and someone didn’t finished a good idea (like a batch cover and naming or whatever)…

If you are correct, I would suggest requesting the feature. Moaning gets us nowhere! :wink:

Really? I’m pretty sure its explained in the manual, but ok let me break it down for you…
1- Go to the browser on Massive, or FM8, or Razor, etc… and double click on a preset to load it. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the browser that comes with Massive, FM8, Reaktor, etc… not Cubase’s vstpreset browser.
2- Once the preset is loaded go to the top of the GUI of Massive, FM8, Reaktor, or whatever plugin you’re using and go to the vstpreset section and click the box to the right of where it says “disabled” and then click “save preset”.
3- Type in the name, rate it, tag it in its proper “category/sub category” (ex: “bass” - “synth bass”), tag its “character” (ex: fast attack, distorted, mono)

This should be enough for you now. Later you can go in Mediabay and add your own custom tags to your vstpresets.

I spent countless hours saving, categorizing, and tagging my presets and I gotta say the time spent was totally worth it. The convenience of having pretty much any sound you can think of in your head just a quick search (a few letters in the search bar) away is absolutely priceless in my experience! Yes its a LOT of work, but once your presets are all categorized, and tagged with your own unique custom searchable tags and you experience the night n day difference/improvement to your workflow you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

To quote Conman:
“As any professional tradesman (electrician, painter, plasterer etc.) will tell you it’s all in the preparation. Decide what you need to prepare then prepare it and it saves LOADS of work down the line. And that includes categorisation like any lawyer, financier or accountant does if they need long detailed lists to analyse and access is to collate them in a readily accessible form. Only the users will know what they want to categorise which is why software like Cubase leaves wide gaps open whereby you can do this so you understand it and not wait for the software to paint you into a corner where you don’t want to be.”

I got your point but honestly I don’t see a point in spending so much time on doing something that is already done - the presets are already tagged, named etc. and its only a problem of cubase that is not able to handle it. :frowning: Iam not lazy but I cannot afford (and partially don’t want to) to spend so much time on doing it… :-/
VST is kinda standard which was made by Steinberg so I don’t see any excuse for not pulling any informations from the plugins. Frankly saying, I spent enough money for the software and I thing it should be able to do such a simple thing like generating and handling some xml-ish files.