How to get a reverb on Halion GM129?

On most of the instruments in Halion 6 there is a reverb-possibility.
But not on the drumkit GM129…
Is there a way to add more reverb to a drumpart?
(I tried a send effect to roomworks but that sounded terrible)
Thanks and best regards, Harald

The [GM 129] Stereo GM kit program is a General MIDI version of the Dry Standard Kit that comes with Cubase’s Halion Sonic SE content. The latter already comes with “medium studio” reverb already inserted. You just have to use the Quick Controls to add more. Or you can just add reverb to the GM kit’s Program-Bus, or use the 4 internal global sends (AUX) channels.

If you have Cubase, the included Halion Sonic SE content has “fancier” versions of most GM instruments, loosely based on the presets from the original Yamaha Motif workstation.

If you’re using the General MIDI Multi to play GM files, click the Mixer tab, then Show Slot Bus Channels and increase AUX FX 1 send level for the drum channel to add more reverb.

Hi Romantique, thanks for your reply!

I have Cubase 12 Pro. First I looked at the Quick Controles of the track in the inspector.
I couldn’t find an option for a reverb there.
(The options I get there are: Unison Enable, Pan Random, Brilliance, Delay Damping, Delay Mix, Half Predelay, Half Time and Half Mix.
(By the way: I tried to increase those effects but none of them seem to work. It still sounded the same althought the quickcontrol botton is activited…)
Do you know if there’s a way to get this working?

Second: I clicked on the mixer in the Halion menu of the track and clicked on Expand all Mixer Channels.I clicked on a None and there I could insert the Reverb-effect and increase it by turning up the Mix button.
That’s great, so that problem is solved. Thank you very much for that!