How to get a smooth crossover?

Hi all!

Im struggeling a bit when editing an acoustic guitar. A part is played, and I want to repeat that part, so I copied the part, and added it after the first part in the next beat.

The problem is when the part is played, it ends on a note ringing, and I want that note to still ring in the repeated part, and not just be cut. I´ve tried to drag the part over the next part and put a crossover, but the volume is not rigtht, and I cant make it sound smooth and “real”.

Any suggestions on this one?

What I would do is copy the track with your guitar. That way you can edit both separately, overlap when needed without cutting anything short.
Just don’t forget that you have automation if you need to fade in or out the parts in specific ways.

Thanks for the reply, Rudal. I’ll give it a go!

I hope it will help. :slight_smile: