How to get activation codes for Prologue and YC-3B

I just recently bought a used Yamaha MOX8 from someone on ebay. He used it primarily for live gigs. I will be using it in th studio for production and composition. I installed Cubase AI5 from the DVD and was able to license and activate it easily enough. I went to Yamaha’s site and downloaded Prologue and the YC-3B VST’s. I then came here to try and get an activation code and can’t seems to be able to do that. Then I tried getting a ‘reactivation code’ and I need the old activation code to do that. Is there a way to get an activation code for these instruments? I have the original sales reciept from Guitar Center, but not the ‘yellow slip’ with the original codes on it as they were discarded by the original owner due to him using the MOX8 for live stuff.

Got it resolved. I also contacted Yamaha customer support and they gave me activation codes, since the original owner never activated those products…nice. :slight_smile: